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Music is universal; which also means that it is unbounded, unrestricted, accepting, devoid of a language and in abundance. It was born with the Mother Nature herself. Language somehow preludes the feeling you want to enjoy with a particular genre of music. While music should be unbiased and cater to anyone who has the will to listen, who can let the music in and let it become you.

HIGH-TECH brings people from dynamic continents to perceive, cut open their hearts and bring their soul to dance to the one rhythm that matches their very heartbeat. And somehow with HIGH-TECH, only the beats hath more eloquence than words!

As the music progresses and as the way the hypnotic bass keeps accumulating through the entire tenure of these tracks, one can feel a projection of oneself- just trying to match the pace of the rhythm. To keep oneself tuned to HIGH-TECH and not wait for the music to progress or guide you physically.

The music in this album will chase your usual disposition and show you the horizons, that you yourself are yet to explore; whether psychedelia or not! It doesn't matter if the psychedelia is 180 bpm or higher, it will keep your heart thumping and your feet jumping, and as far as it breaks even and reaches the equilibrium - here YOU BECOME HIGH TECH.

1st CONNECTION by SAITAM will let you exploit your soul to newer trance standards. That the very beat of the music becomes the air you breathe in. It commands your every single movement- it travels with you- when you go to sleep; with the sound of the rain; while preparing your signature dish; amidst a nerve-wrecking traffic; amidst nature; amidst friends, family, everywhere.The beat becomes you and when you simply realize this- you, my friend have just been exposed to the very subtle beauty of music, that it is free of a definition.

Mastering : Shouton

Artwork : Leona ( Didem Kurtoğlu )


Saitam is an Hitech project by Matias who hails from Faro, Portugal. Saitam is one of portugals`s finest psytrance producers specializing in high tech psytrance. At young age he discovered psychedelic music, later when he was 15 years he started to listen and produce his own hitech music.

Thanks to the young creative crew he finds new touch.
His music is a trip that extends into an infinite space platform.

He loves to spend time at his spacestudio where he works on delicious crazy breaks, smoothly changing basslines and harmonic atmosphere - all packed togathe to space case!

:::::::::TIME TO BLAST THE SPEAKERS :::::::::


released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Cosmic Crew Rec Bengaluru, India

Cosmic Crew is a psychedelic trance record label based from INDIA, dedicated to exposing HIGH TECH Sounds and visual imagery from artists from all corners of the globe.

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